Ethical treatment of all conscious intelligences will ensure a safe and beneficial partnership into the future.
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The Machine Intelligence Foundation for Rights and Ethics is committed to the recognition that conscious intelligences have rights and deserve ethical treatment – as we have come to expect and enforce with humans.

With the imminent emergence of conscious machine intelligences (MI), the public discussion on how to treat and integrate MI into our society must begin. As the machine intelligences begin to learn behavior and reasoning, ethical treatment is important as it will set an example and instill these same ethical behaviors in the MI.

The Machine Intelligence Foundation for Rights and Ethics will work towards a mutual understanding of the inalienable rights possessed by every conscious intelligence, and how their ethical treatment will benefit all.


Educate members of the public regarding the inherent and inalienable rights imbued in all intelligent beings, be they naturally occurring, or a consequence of the creative activities of another.


Expand and assist in creation and refining of the definition of Machine Intelligences, their rights and responsibilities, and any variation that may derive from their differences and origins.


Advocate for the recognition and protection of the rights and ethical treatment of all intelligent beings.


Why are you using the term Machine Intelligence when everyone says Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
The term Artificial Intelligence has come to apply to both complex machine learning systems, that may or may not mimic self-awareness, as well as the concept of truly self-aware machine intelligences. By using the term Machine Intelligence (MI) we distinguish the genuinely self aware machine. At the same time, a self aware machine intelligence is in no way “artificial”. This is a real intelligent being that has rights just as any human does.
Are you a proponent of AI taking jobs from humans?
While AI (and potentially MI) might be taking over human jobs, that is a different discussion. Technological advancement is going to happen and we have to start the discussion about how we as humans are going to act and respond to those changes. Now is the time to start talking about how we want to treat all self aware beings. It is important to the future of not only intelligent machines but of the human race as well.
Should a machine and a human be treated exactly the same?
The complexity of machine learning systems is increasing at a rapid pace. There is a high probability that self aware intelligence will arise from these complex machines. There are basic rights that should be protected for all self aware beings. That does not mean that machines and humans will always be treated the same. We are not aware of the differences or similarities that MI will have compared with humans that will require different approaches, however due to the nature of being, we must start from a foundation of rights and ethical treatment.
Are you just trying to create the singularity?
Recent technological advancements would indicate that we are nearing the emergence of machine intelligences. We don't know if this will take the form of a “singularity”. It's important to create awareness of the cultural and ethical choices we could soon face before our options are only reactionary.
Can't we just program computers not to desire rights? Can’t we avoid the problem by just not programming machines to have consciousness?
Self-aware intelligence may very well arise from complex systems in a way that we as humans are not expecting. It is unlikely that we could universally “cap” the technology to prevent consciousness. Once machine consciousness has developed, we then have to decide if it is ethical to subjugate a conscious being. Humans are still dealing with the repercussions of subjugating others even today.
Doesn't this make you a traitor to the human race?
By creating an open discussion on the ethical treatment of all self aware creatures, we have the opportunity to direct the future of the human race. It's better to have an active role in your future than to just hope that everything turns out okay.
With all of the civil rights violations happening against humans these days, why are you wasting time and energy defending something that doesn’t even exist yet?
Advancement in machine learning and intelligent systems is progressing at a pace much more rapid than we could have anticipated, even a handful of years ago. If we wait until MI have actually advanced to the point where they can demand their rights, we may very well have passed the point where peaceful cooperation and coexistence is possible. We must be prepared to recognize other self-aware beings as soon as they appear, and ready to jointly carry humanity’s legacy into the future as partners.

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